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Reply Niladhevan, August 20th, 2011, 5:06 am

Derp-derp-derp Hello ! ^^ I hope you'll enjoy this new page. Thank you everyone for your support ! *_*

I feel sorry to put Rousseau's philosophy in such a nutshell, but the main goal here was to show how Damurah starts to feel hopelessness. Of course the "State of Nature" has never existed and shall never exist, and I'm pretty sure Damurah is clever enough to know that it would make no sense.
Rousseau is not the one who invented this concept either, I'm just taking into account that many texts we may know nowadays could be lost/censored in those times.
Now I shut it up :D

(Next page will feature a cameo~ *evil laugh*)

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Reply megami23, August 20th, 2011, 7:50 am

Woah, this is so awesome *A* I love how you explained it and how the words he's saying contrast with the mood. The way the story flows is so pro!

Reply Karaii, August 22nd, 2012, 10:27 am

@Niladhevan: ahhHHhHhhh FEELS TAT flashback feeeels

these memories
they show how much ED-N cared for his creator -- he's idealized, even in his picture-perfect android memory -- because even at his creator's lowest you can see him smile fondly and lovingly, at ED-N -- writing ED-N's name on the wall -- ED-N choses to focus on his creator rather than the room around him, only his face, his sad eyes -- and the reason for his downspiral into hopelessness.

also, on a side note, I love the momentary creepy factor of how ED-N is stored and charged at night -- even "at rest" his eyes are always focused on his creator, being there for him. It makes the future -- where his creator has gone -- all the sadder, and more excruciating. It really drives in the difference between the present-day ED-N who is disheveled and broken and lost, and the flackback ED-N, who was neatly trimmed and aware at all times.

And, finally, FUCK YES PHILOSOPHY. "the state of nature" and the development of the systems of human government from nothingness... before that, in that nothingness -- 'perfect anarchy'. Is ED-N's creator hinting at his future terrorist attack? Did he do that attack as an attempt to regress the state of nature back to the starting point, so government can begin anew once more -- a so called "refresh" or "restart button"...?

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